Real Estate, Private & Public Works

Real Estate

In order to provide legal coverage to its many real estate development clients, our office has extensive experience in this field.

To date, our office has undertaken, through its associates, difficult legal controls, and the drawing up of complex real estate contracts, such as large hotel units, islands, plots of land and companies under liquidation. Our firm’s lawyers, because of their competence, experience, and diligence, always play a crucial and decisive role in resolving issues that impede such transactions in the interest of our client. They provide full legal coverage to the clients by reviewing any relevant documents, including the terms of any funding and negotiating on their behalf when requested or required.

When we act on behalf of the real estate seller, we always ensure that the agreed price will be received, and we work seamlessly with the legal advisors of each buyer to immediately implement the intended sale.

Furthermore, we provide legal advice on each exploitation that our clients choose for their property (leasing, granting, installation of RES production units, etc.)

More often than less, because of our partnership with trusted real estate agencies, we have proposed to our clients opportunities to invest their money in safe and efficient real estate.

Private & Public Works

Many of our clients are also active in construction, undertaking private and public projects. Our firm can provide full legal coverage both when undertaking these projects (study of notices and preparation of tenders, drafting or study of relevant project contracts) but also throughout the execution of these projects until the work’s final delivery, in order to avoid any conflicts with the employer and to fully safeguard the interests of the client – contractor.

We even have associates who specialize in Public Works Law and have significant successes (with significant financial impact) in unavoidable litigation with the Contracting Authority.

Our real estate and construction agency practice aims to provide legal / strategic advice that responds to our clients’ needs on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Litigation and settlement of disputes over real estate
  • Real estate development
  • Acquisition and disposal of real estate
  • Corporate Real Estate Management
  • Project Consortia
  • Financing of real estate
  • Real estate investments
  • Spatial and environmental planning of real estate
  • Leasing
  • Taxes on real estate
  • Regulations and authorizations
  • Construction, development and use of land
  • Energy processes
  • Supplies, competitions, auctions