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We provide high quality specialized legal services to every client with integrity and decency. We always find and propose the best
Solution To Every Problem

Our Firm

“THOMAS KARACHRISTOS & ASSOCIATES” Law Firm was established in November 2003 by lawyer Thomas Karachristos. From the first moment the office was founded, its founder has worked with consistency and professionalism in realizing his vision: the provision of high quality specialized legal services to every client, with integrity and decency.

Today, our office is already one of the most reputable law offices in Athens, having succeeded in establishing stable and long-lasting relationships with all the clients who have chosen to trust us.

Our aim has always been to specialize in more areas of law through the search of worthy and specialized partners with unmatched ethics and communicative charisma.

Among our office’s strong points is the capacity to directly pinpoint the business needs and options of our clients in addition to our committed orientation towards the safety of their interests rather than the annulment of their business plans (collaborations, compromises etc.)

Scientific consultation services of the highest level are offered directly, flexibly and at affordable reasonable prices. Simultaneously, we have experience and an excellent reputation for our client’s representation before administrative authorities of any kind, courts, (in the case of court debates) and arbitration in and out the country. Our collaboration with well-known Law Offices abroad – especially in the E.U. (France, Belgium, Germany, U.K. and Cyprus), in the Balkans and Russia guarantees the excellent satisfaction of our client’s needs abroad.

Therefore, if you are seeking a reliable, specialized and dynamic law firm, ready to identify with your interests and passionately fight for them, without ever losing our humanity, do not hesitate to address our office. The quality of the provided services and through them the promotion of your interests is guaranteed!

Our values


Providing high quality legal services in a constantly evolving and changing financial and legal environment is certainly not an easy task. However, at our office we strive to keep up with the changes in the legal system and in any case always be informed of the latest updates. The diversity in specialization of our partners greatly facilitates this effort as well as their overall professional training and credibility. We strongly believe that difficult cases are won in the details and that is why we pay particular attention to them. We never give up until we get the best possible result. Our office is structured in such a way so each case is handled by at least two partners. Despite our commitment to successful results, a key principle of our office is to never sacrifice our integrity for results. The practice of law is, above all, service of justice.


Every client in our office is unique! And treated in such a way so he feels unique. His case becomes a priority for the billing partner or the group of partners handling it. The relationship that is formed between us and our client is close and aims to better understand the latter’s needs for the best possible legal coverage. We know that our clients are in no way covered by lengthy opinions based on theories. Instead, as a modern law firm we provide specific answers and suggestions to the questions that concern them. That is why, from our side, after thoroughly studying all the data – not just the legal – we give our clients clear, concise, practical and reliable advice, and we offer them thorough, specific and secure legal solutions.


In our office we never forget that! It is our basic belief and the reason why we undertake and handle “unsolvable” cases, which we “specialize” in the difficult – if not the impossible. When we study a case that looks “unsolvable,” we persist, continue to study, devote even more time, engage more partners, and ultimately lead always to the desired outcome, which is to satisfy our client’s interests. Even when a case is objectively impossible to settle in the way our client wants, we are always looking for the next best solution for him.


As experienced professionals in the field, we strongly believe in what we call “preventive legal action”. Clients are led to courts and / or arbitrators for lack of proper “preventive legal”. The purpose of our office is not to represent our clients in costly litigation (although we also have significant success in this area). Our goal is to prevent all kinds of challenges – engagements – crises that our clients are likely to face in their professional activities and partnerships. To achieve this goal, after fully understanding the business plans of our clients, the most critical stage of our study is to “imagine” the future realization of these plans (with all their possible manifestations). This way we visualize all future possible dangers and take precautions to at least warn our clients about possible dangers. We then undertake all the actions necessary to implement these plans and to formulate the required contracts aiming in fully securing our clients’ interests.


Our office has the honor and privilege of providing legal support and representation to a wide range of Greek and international businesses, both within and outside the judiciary system.

Clients who have entrusted us with their cases include:

  • Banks
  • Commercial enterprises
  • Real estate development companies
  • Private and public construction companies
  • Hotels
  • Associations