Business and Corporate law

Our office specializes in business law. It has the infrastructure, training and experience to fully support each business legally, both in its external relationships with its investors, suppliers, partners and customers, as well as in its internal relationships between partners, executives, employees, etc.

We have significant experience in the formulation of all known and “standard” contracts of general and special liability law (sales, exchanges, concessions, guarantees, service contracts, commercial leases, etc.), as well as modern commercial contracts, such as brokerage contracts (brokerage, agency, distribution, ordering, trust), custody (trading, savings, etc.), transfer, leasing, franchising, selling forfeiting, consulting, know-how, etc., which most businesses enter in order to accomplish their goals. We are, however, renowned mainly for our ability to design special and original (sui generis) or mixed contracts to meet the more specific needs of our clients.

Of course we have specialized associates in corporate law, with knowledge of all available forms of legal entities and their operation but also of other forms of partnership and cooperation that do not acquire legal entity. We are distinguished in the formulation of corporate and in-company contracts between partners and in the management of internal crises.