Criminal Law

From our point of view, besides providing full legal coverage to businesses of all kinds, prosperous or in crisis, and their legal representatives, our office could not have missed specializing in criminal law.

Our associates have a high degree of training and experience and can adequately represent you at all stages of the criminal proceeding regardless of the seriousness of the offense (offense, wrongdoing, felony).

They specialize in so-called financial crime (fraud, embezzlement, infidelity, usury, etc.) but also in all the offenses usually committed by business representatives in crisis or even worse in the absolute cessation of payments (failure to withhold taxes, F .PC, non-payment of debts to the State and the respective insurers, unsecured checks, bankruptcy, lending, etc.). Furthermore, because of our involvement with construction companies, public or private, we have occasionally been seriously involved in accidents at work and the criminal liability resulting from them. Also important are the successes we have as an office in defending businessmen who have faced enormous charges of contaminating the environment.